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‘Soundingboard’ marketing service

SOUNDING BOARD:  a person or group on whom one tries out an idea or

opinion as a means of evaluating it

What questions do you have? 

I am sure you have a multitude of questions. It comes with the territory of being a business owners and senior manager. 

On many occasions it is difficult to know who to talk to find out more or see if your idea is a good one. 

Having a ‘sounding board’ can be an invaluable resource; someone to talk to; someone to ask challenging questions; someone to give an opinion.

  • Am I using digital technology properly?
  • Is social media right for my business? 
  • What is automated marketing?
  • Do I need a mobile app? 
  • What else could I be doing to grow my business? 

The questions are endless. 

The sounding board is invaluable. 

How does it work? 


One off

Meet up face to face or over skype and we can discuss whats on your mind. You set the agenda.

Simply book an appointment.

Ad hoc

Available as when required. whenever you have a question, issue or want to sanity check something then I will be available



A more structured approach where we we meet on a regular basis where we will move forward agreed areas and review activities. Accountability is key 

Strong Points

Marketing is a very broad subject and infiltrates every part of a business. 

To be able to be a sounding board you will need someone who has an excellent knowledge of all marketing disciplines mixed with a deep knowledge of business. 



  • Business Consulting
  • Marketing strategy
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Offline Marketing
  • Content Marketing

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